Moving Into Our New House!

It is official!  We are moving!  We are now officially first time home buyers!  My husband is not a first time home owner, but this is the first time we have purchased a home.  Confused?  He owns a house in Texas that he built himself with the help of his dad.  Since I have such a handy husband, we didn’t worry about finding a house that was in move-in ready condition, and looked more for the potential that would work best for us in the long term.

A large yard is a huge priority for us, and we were able to amazingly find a house with a huge lot not far from where we are living now.  Most houses in the South Bay area of LA County have really small lots since people in beach cities don’t care about having much of a yard.  We didn’t want to move out of the area, but were not content to have a tiny yard.  We searched and searched, and finally found one with almost a quarter acre lot (huge for LA standards and massive for this area).  The property is actually two lots that were joined together, so the process has been very stressful, with a lot of confusion on behalf of the appraiser and title company.

The house itself needs a complete overhaul, and I will be documenting our whole process here on my blog.  It’s going to be very exciting!  Renovating this house is going to be a multistage process that will realistically take us a bit of time.  Included in phase A are:  gutting the kitchen and completely remodeling; painting every square inch of the house, inside and out (it is ugly beyond words right now with horribly mismatched paint slapped everywhere); prepping my office and my photo studio rooms (that will involve tearing down some weird walls); and converting one of the bedrooms to our walk-in closet (yes, that is definitely a top priority – the current bedrooms had all the closets removed by the previous owners!).  Oh and of course getting my garden started!  I have more room to work with than I have ever had in my life and I can’t wait to start planting and painting!

Here are a few pics from the moving process!

Packing up some of the plants from my garden for the move:

tumblr_m1xnv5v8Ep1qh2ttzo1_500 tumblr_m1xo9zYR081qh2ttzo1_500

Car ride to the new house with some of my flowers:

Cleaning up the old house:
tumblr_m1xm5nJpW81qh2ttzo1_500 tumblr_m1xqo0wByi1qh2ttzo1_500

Keys to our new home!

Our new neighborhood:

One of the cats explored the new house in the middle of the night!

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