Backyard Edible Garden Tour

Here is an overview of my backyard edible garden so far!  There is more yard not shown in the pictures, but that area belongs to my husband and is not for planting. 🙂  One of my goals is to get the area near the greenhouse frame prepped for planting wheat and oats.  Should be a fun experiment!

The greenhouse cover is down now since it is getting pretty warm, but I left the frame up.  I want to try to find a mesh covering for the frame to keep the neighbor’s cat out.  He is developing a bad habit of pillaging my herb garden raised bed at night, particularly the catnip I planted for our cats!

A side note…the grass does not look all that great at the moment since it has been partially covered by various items while this project was in progress.  We didn’t care too much since we were planning to get rid of all of the grass and put down mulch instead, but I am starting to have second thoughts about doing that, even though it is a great idea for saving water.  I may try to do a little work to improve the grass in the weeks to come. 🙂


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