Succulent Diversification Project

Largely inspired by Catherine of Inspire Bohemia’s posts on how much she loves succulents, I decided to do a succulent diversification project recently. 🙂  I have been propagating the same few original succulent plants for a while now, and just having the same two varieties in my little patio containers was getting a little boring.  I picked up a few new ones, and added little bits to each container.  I am so much happier with the results!

I also came across these tealight chandeliers that we had at our wedding reception recently, and was determined to find an interesting use for them.  I planted tiny succulent cuttings in the candle holders of two of them and hung them in our patio pergola.  Hopefully when they grow a little bigger, they will be quite interesting looking!

tumblr_m511wb8d0a1qh2ttzo2_1280 tumblr_m511wb8d0a1qh2ttzo3_1280 tumblr_m511wb8d0a1qh2ttzo4_1280 tumblr_m511wb8d0a1qh2ttzo1_1280

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