What I Wore: Nautical – Anthropologie Style


If you have been following my blog lately, you may have wondered what happened to all of the fashion posts in the past few months.  There is a simple answer…my allergies have been going nuts lately and have made me completely camera shy. 🙂  A few months ago, I went to see an allergist to see why I was perpetually feeling miserable in our old house.  After a series of blood tests, he determined that my dust and dust mite allergies were through the roof, statistically speaking.  He said that a normal, noticeable reaction would register for most people around 0.1, and mine were showing up in the 20s.

He concluded that the little antique house we were living in, with its old carpet and painted shut windows was making me feel chronically sick.  We were in a rush to get into our new house so I could start to feel better…or so we thought.  Once my husband started the kitchen remodel, one of the things that had to go were the horribly ugly light fixtures in the ceiling.  Once those came down, he realized there was no insulation in the exterior walls or between the ceiling and the attic.  So the whole ceiling came down, letting 65 years of attic dust into the rest of the house…and then he got really busy with his real job.

Weeks went by and he barely had time to sleep, let alone make significant progress on the kitchen.  My allergies went beyond the point of itching and sneezing, and my nose started bleeding every time I was inside the house.  I have spent over a month waking up constantly in the middle of the night with a bloody nose.  It has not been fun.  As a result, I have not felt very photo-ready lately. 🙂  This weekend, he was finally able to get a ceiling up in the kitchen!  I am still a little swollen, but definitely starting to feel better already!

With everything going on over here lately, I have spent an unusual amount of days in dirty sweats and mud-stained/paint-splattered t-shirts.  I am going to try to get back into a regular routine with my “What I Wore” posts, even if it is just once a week, when I actually get cleaned up and presentable so we can to go to church!

Sweater, top & skirt:  Anthropologie
Headband:  American Apparel
Bag & Jewelry:  vintage
Lace tights:  Forever 21
Shoes:  Sofft

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