How To: Easy Garden Bed Weed Removal

 Even though I have been gardening for a while now, I occasionally have those moments where I realize I have been making some big mistakes, wasting a lot of unneeded effort.  Despite my best efforts at soil prepping, I have a big weed problem in my vegetable beds.  I have been trying to pull them out by hand, which takes forever.  I also tried using my soil cultivator, which helped a little, but did not do a complete job.
I recently read how to use an old fashioned garden hoe to remove the weeds from your garden bed.  It could not be any more simple and easy, and yet somehow I completely missed this.  It is so easy…you just literally scrape the weeds off the top surface of the soil!  This is definitely going to be my method of choice in the vegetable beds going forward.  I am also hoping that once my husband and I get a lot of mulch down in the beds that it will help cut down on the weed growth as well, but that’s a whole other post. 🙂


tumblr_m5j6lzNEOh1qh2ttzo2_r1_1280 tumblr_m5j6lzNEOh1qh2ttzo3_r1_1280

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