How To: Plant Dwarf Citrus Trees in Recycled Wine/Whiskey Barrels

When I originally planted our current garden, I didn’t put a lot of thought into mixing in some of our dwarf citrus trees in with our vegetables.  Upon second thought, it wasn’t a very good idea.  While they may need similar watering now, they will not later on.  We also do not want the citrus trees to start cutting down on our vegetable bed area.  We decided to quickly move them out of the vegetable beds and into containers in the patio.

The trees that are planted in the grassy area are going to stay, and we are just moving the dwarf trees that are planted with the vegetables.  They haven’t been planted long, so luckily the roots have not extended much past their root balls yet.  We picked up a bunch of half wine/whiskey barrels, and got them ready for planting.

Step 1:  My husband drilled holes in the bottom of the barrels for drainage.

Step 2:  I cut small squares of screen from our old kitchen window that he recently removed (to replace with a double paned window).

Step 3:  My husband nailed the screens in place, over the holes, to prevent the soil from draining away.

Step 4:  We filled the barrel with potting soil, and relocated the dwarf trees!


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