How To: Support Drooping Foxglove Flowers

Foxgloves are beautiful perennials that can get quite tall after a while.  Once they get toward the end of a blooming period, the top can tend to get a little droopy.  You can see how they looked when I originally planted them here.  After mine started getting a little droopy, I used this technique to prop them up.

I unwound a plain wire hanger (the natural wire colored ones work best for blending in).  I straightened out the hanger as much as possible, and carefully stuck the straighter end into the ground near the base of the plant, being careful to avoid the roots.  I used the curved end of the hanger to wrap around the stem of the flower, providing support.  From this very close view you can see the hanger, but from the edge of the flower bed, the hanger is barely visible!  Once all of the blooms are spent, I will be cutting back the tall stalk to encourage new growth.


Be sure to check out my previous post with additional garden support structures made out of recycled items, seen here!

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