Unexpected Summer Project #1: Mold Infestation

Regular readers may have noticed that I went completely m.i.a. for about a month.  There were a number of factors that played into my blogging disappearance recently.  If you remember my last post, there was an issue with our house that we thought was making me sick.  Luckily, after a visit to the doctor, we realized that the mold was not what was making me sick, and that we caught the problem before it had the chance to make us sick.  I was however suffering with some pretty severe food poisoning and allergic reactions and some other health issues (more on that in a post later this week).  I am starting to feel much better now, and starting to try to get back into my normal routine again. 🙂

These horribly disgusting pictures are a very unexpected project that my husband had to tackle recently.  We realized that the shower we have been using had been leaking water into the adjoining wall, into the room that is supposed to eventually be my photo studio.  Since the room is currently stacked full of new kitchen appliances and other items, we don’t go in there very frequently, which allowed the mold to start to develop.  It is all cleaned up now, but it was definitely a huge time expense for my husband that we weren’t expecting.  Time that he planned to use working on our kitchen remodel was spent with this very unpleasant task.

The most ironic part of this whole situation was that we specifically hired a mold inspector to come out to the house while we were in escrow!  Our old house that we lived in before this had a pretty bad mold problem because the bathroom wasn’t built correctly, and we wanted to make sure we avoided the same problem with this house.  All we can figure is that it appears that this bathroom was not the primary bathroom that was being used and so the mold wasn’t an issue until we moved in and actually started using the bathroom.

tumblr_m9vxmrDZVN1qh2ttzo2_1280 tumblr_m9vxmrDZVN1qh2ttzo3_1280 tumblr_m9vxmrDZVN1qh2ttzo4_1280 tumblr_m9vxmrDZVN1qh2ttzo5_1280 tumblr_m9vxmrDZVN1qh2ttzo6_1280 tumblr_m9vxmrDZVN1qh2ttzo7_1280 tumblr_m9vxmrDZVN1qh2ttzo8_1280 tumblr_m9vxmrDZVN1qh2ttzo9_1280

Unexpected summer projects #2, 3 & 4 coming this week!

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