Planning My “Second Season” Vegetable Garden


Technically, you are supposed to start your fall/winter vegetable seeds in August.  Since most of August I was pretty sick and dealing with some other issues, I never got around to starting my seeds.  Luckily I had already ordered them in mid-summer so I would have them ready.  I am also a little skeptical of the traditional recommendations for timing your garden these days since it seems like it is staying hot a little longer than it did in years past.  I decided given all the circumstances that I would start my fall/winter vegetable seeds in early September this year.

Here is what I am planning on planting in seed starting containers indoors:
1.  cauliflower
2.  cabbages
3.  broccoli
4.  broccoli raab
5.  onions
6.  spaghetti squash
7.  acorn squash
8.  butternut squash

I am also planning on planting the following directly in the garden:
9.  carrots
10.  beets
11.  spinach
12.  endive
13.  arugula
14.  mesclun lettuce mix
15.  additional lettuce varieties
16.  kale
17.  sugar peas
18.  wheat
19.  soybeans
20.  pumpkins
21.  This one will be an experiment, but I am also going to try to plant another round of corn since it is still so warm. 🙂

I will post updates showing the progress!

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