Unexpected Summer Project #3: Prepping Our Texas House For Sale

Just when my husband had taken a bunch of vacation days to try to work on hopefully finishing up our kitchen, he found out that something much more urgent had come up….

When my husband lived in Texas, he purchased a space of empty land, and built a house from scratch, for some of his family members to live in.  With the help of his dad, they spent weekends and vacation days building this house.  He put his heart into designing the house to be as energy efficient as possible, and did a really nice job with the design of the house.  There were a few cosmetic finishing touches that he never got around to finishing, but the house was finished enough for family members to rent out.

When he recently found out that the current tenants were vacating the premises, it came as quite a shock.  We figured that the place needed to be cleaned up, and those finishing touches needed to be completed.  We did not expect how much time it would take my husband to get the place ready for renting or selling.  Originally we planned that I would fly out there, do a bunch of the cleaning, yard work, and painting.  However right after everything happened, we realized that I was not medically able to fly for a little while.  In addition to that, I am not experienced or strong enough to handle tasks like finishing the skirting on the house, redoing the deck, and laying down paver stones for a walkway (tasks my husband had to tackle).

My poor husband had to end up taking much of his vacation time to work on cleaning up the house and finishing the projects needed on the outside of the house, all in the middle of Texas summer heat.  After that still wasn’t enough time, he had to fly back and forth so he could be at work during the week here in California, and out there in Texas on the weekend to work on the house.  I barely saw my husband for a month…it was a difficult time.

We were originally planning to find new tenants to rent the house.  However, managing a property in another state is quite a daunting task.  My husband works too much at his full time job to have to worry about flying out for a week at a time every year to clean up the house every time a tenant moves out.  I have some major changes coming up in my schedule that will not make it feasible for me to fly out to handle the clean up either.

As much as we love the house since he built it himself, we have decided to put the house on the market for sale.  Life is constantly throwing unexpected changes and challenges at us, and we decided simplification is best at this time.  Although it is unfortunately not the best time to put a house on the market for sale (especially now since school has started), we decided that for us, the benefits of simplifying our life outweighs any potential gain we might get from selling at a later date.  We are hoping for a relatively quick sale!

In case anyone is interested, here is the link for the house!  The kitchen and master bath make our current home seem so inferior, but they give me so much hope for what I have to look forward to! 🙂










2 thoughts on “Unexpected Summer Project #3: Prepping Our Texas House For Sale

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