Unexpected Summer “Project” #4…A Very Special Announcement: The Expected Arrival of Our Very Own Baby!

Life has been crazier than expected the past few months.  Every project with our new house has taken longer than we expected.  We also had the unexpected stress of fixing up the house the my husband built in Texas after it was unexpectedly vacated, and putting that house on the market (original post here).  Amidst all of that stress, I had been undergoing a series of infertility testing, without much expectation that we would be able to get pregnant.  One of the procedures was particularly painful, took me a while to recover afterward, and left us quite discouraged with the results.

I have been told by numerous doctors ever since I was 12 years old that I would never be able to have children.  We had discussed it at great length before we got married, and had for the most part accepted the fact that our children may all be furry and walk on four legs. 🙂  We were okay if it never happened, but still wanted to find out what our odds were.

Immediately after we got married, we weren’t really ready to try to have a baby in our old house, and wanted to wait until we found a house of our own that didn’t have dangerous issues like black mold (that the landlord didn’t care to handle).  We began the search for a home of our own, and decided to focus on finding out more information about our odds of having a baby of our own once we were moved into our new home.  Since I was diagnosed with a number of different causes of infertility before we got married and ever started talking about having a baby, it was important to us to find out more information about what the risks/odds were of us trying to have a baby of our own.  I started a month-long series of infertility testing with a new doctor, and we were anxious to find out the results.  During the process, I surprisingly got pregnant!  When I went in for my follow up appointment for my infertility testing, there was a lot of confusion when it was discovered that I was actually pregnant. 🙂  I just had my second ultrasound of Baby Stanley, and am just about into my second trimester!  We are so excited and stunned…this is something that we really did not ever expect would happen for us. 🙂

The first trimester of this pregnancy has been particularly rough.  Since we still do not have a functioning kitchen, we have been forced to deal with eating out nightly. I got fed up with trying to battle flies and mosquitoes while trying to cook dinner on the camping stove in our patio each night.  Also, the battle of doing dishes in a bucket is just not worthwhile at this point since I am not supposed to lift anything heavy per my doctor, given my unique health conditions.  For people without food allergies, eating out every night might sound fun, but for me it is like playing Russian Roulette with my health every night.   We hope each time we order food that whoever is cooking the food pays attention and does not get me sick from cross contamination.  Unfortunately, I have not been completely lucky in the process.

I have spent the better part of the past few months really sick with allergic reactions.  Since one of my food allergies is chicken, it is pretty difficult to avoid.  Twice in the past few months I have bitten into some “vegetarian” pizza and found a piece of chicken sausage in my mouth.  Under normal circumstances, I could just take some medicine to alleviate the symptoms and go about my normal life.  However, being pregnant, I can’t take any of those medications now, and the symptoms have just dragged on for weeks, leaving me feeling miserable.  My husband has been working hard on the kitchen, and hopefully we will have some bit of functionality soon!

Normally, I do not delve into such personal matters here on my blog.  I hope that in reading this, it may give some other couples struggling with infertility issues some hope.  We feel strongly that despite all the odds, I have gotten pregnant only through prayer, faith, the grace of God, and the strength of our love.  We can’t wait to meet our little miracle baby in March!

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