Easy DIY Project: Custom Fabric Covered Lamp Shade

 I had made another fabric covered lamp shade for my office previously at our old house, but that fabric does not match with my new office decor (perhaps I will use that lampshade in the upcoming nursery!).  I decided to start over again with a new plain lamp shade, and cover it with some fabric that better matches my new decorating design.  I used about a half yard of fabric, but your needs may vary based on the size of the lamp shade.  Here’s how I did it….

1.  Start with very plain lampshade.

2.  Line up fabric so the pattern displays best across various areas, and pin in place with clothespins along top and bottom.  I covered half of the lamp shade at a time to make sure that the fabric pattern is evenly distributed.

3.  Very carefully removed fabric from lamp shade, with clothespins still in place.

4.  (not shown) Trimmed excess fabric in a line parallel to line created by clothespins, in order to allow for hem inside lampshade.
5.  Carefully ironed and steamed fabric along line created by clothespins, and folded under again from there, ironing and steaming again.  This creates a clean line on the inside of the shade, with no loose threads showing.  Once the lines were all pressed, I carefully used a few dots of craft glue to hold the raw edge of the fabric in place.

6.  Next I placed the fabric back onto the lamp shade, and started carefully gluing it in place with a glue gun.  I started by placing a thin line of glue on the outside edges of the lamp, top and bottom.  Once those were in place, I glued the hemline to the inside of the lamp.  I made sure to work in small sections, and kept the fabric smooth and tight at all times.

7.  To finish it off, I snipped a few areas of the hem where the metal structures of the lamp shade were preventing the fabric from lying flat.

8.  I repeated the whole process with the other half of the lamp shade, and then it was ready to set up in my office!


More of the office decorating projects coming up, and the full unveiling of my new home office coming soon!

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