Baby E 6 Week Update

Our baby boy “E”, has been much happier the past few days. Every day it seems like he is feeling a little better without the dairy/soy in my diet and therefore in his. He still has some pretty fussy periods at night, but he has been so much happier overall.

He is growing up so quickly! He outgrew the size “tiny” cloth diapers this week and moved up to size small. Not that he was really ever “tiny” to begin with (he was over 9 pounds at birth!), but it still made me a little sad. My little guy is getting so big so quickly! My husband and I are in love with this little outfit shown below. He looks like such a strong little guy in it. πŸ™‚

Another thing of note this week is that he outsmarted the Velcro close swaddle blankets. I could tell even before he was born that he was not going to like to be swaddled because he was constantly pushing out against my uterus, trying to find more room. Swaddling him with blankets only worked for the first couple of days. By about the third day in the hospital, he figured out how to get out of those in no time. We started putting him in the Velcro close swaddle blankets for bed time, and he never seemed to like them. One morning this week, we looked over to see him with his arms and legs all out of the swaddle, with just the Velcro part left around his waist. We have since given up on trying to swaddle him at bed time, and let him wear big boy footie pajamas to bed now. πŸ™‚

Other than us and my parents, E has not met too many people yet except for when we have gone to all of our doctors’ appointments. Apparently he is already working on his flirting skills with the ladies and has taken a liking to nurses. He charms all of the nurses at all of our appointments. At one of our appointments this week, we walked past two nurses and they made a “what a cute baby!” comment. He heard them say that, turned his head toward them and gave them a big huge smile. What a little charmer! πŸ™‚

All of our furry kids love E a lot, but his “sister” (seen below) has a special devotion to E. She seems to think of him as her own baby and rarely leaves his side. If he is napping and starts to wake up, she runs to come and get me. It is so cute how she is always watching out for him!

BY0A8315BY0A8317Β  BY0A8301 BY0A8296Β  BY0A8289

This last one was his very upset face after our dogs chased away the birds E was watching in our back yard. πŸ™‚


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