E’s First Trip to an Amusement Park: Knott’s Berry Farm!

My sister and her boyfriend came out from Texas this past week for E’s baptism. It was very exciting since this was my sister’s first time meeting baby E! She is my only sibling, and it was very disappointing that she was not able to attend our wedding or E’s birth due to her school schedule, so we wanted to make sure that she was able to make it out for his baptism. On their last full day in town, we met up with them for a few hours at Knott’s Berry Farm. This was E’s first trip to an amusement park, and first time on any kind of ride. He was SO excited! He absolutely loved the train rides. When the first one ended, he whimpered a little bit because he had been having so much fun. πŸ™‚

BY0A8890 BY0A8899BY0A8913
When my husband and E were on this little truck ride, I heard quite a few people passing by and commenting on how funny it was that the baby was so intrigued by the ride. BY0A8926 BY0A8938 BY0A8936 BY0A8934 BY0A8933 BY0A8929BY0A8944 BY0A8990 BY0A8973 BY0A8968 BY0A8967 BY0A8951 BY0A8948 BY0A8945BY0A9004 BY0A9005BY0A9006 BY0A9016 BY0A9013 BY0A9009BY0A9020
This ride was so exciting that it wore him out and he actually decided to take a nap. πŸ™‚
While E was sleeping, everyone else got to go on a “real” ride. I didn’t mind staying behind with E since my back is too messed up to go on those types of rides anyway (from previous spine fractures and from the spinal injection during E’s delivery).
BY0A9034 BY0A9087 BY0A9085 BY0A9081 BY0A9077 BY0A9052 BY0A9036BY0A9101
E did not like being “in jail”! He also did not like it when his aunt said goodbye to him at the end of the evening!BY0A9105

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