Our Baby Boy’s Baptism!

A little over two years ago, my husband became a Catholic and was baptized at our church. It was one of the most exciting days of my life. It may sound strange, but I was actually happier the day he was baptized than the day we got married. As soon as I met him, I had a strong feeling that somehow he would end up being my husband one day. I kept having dreams about it, but was annoyed by the whole concept since he was very strongly against organized religion at the time. I did not want to marry someone who was not Catholic, so this was a big issue for me. Our wedding day was also a little bittersweet since we had just attended my grandmother’s funeral earlier that week…definitely not the wedding that we would have hoped for. I was more excited the day of his baptism since this was something that initially I did not think would ever happen. It was such a beautiful day.

Alicia in Wonderland Blog - My Favorite Easter Memory Alicia in Wonderland Blog - My Favorite Easter Memory Alicia in Wonderland Blog - My Favorite Easter Memory

The day our son was born was beautiful and so exciting, but also definitely not the way we had hoped everything would take place. I am noticing a trend in some of the big events for us. 🙂 We had plans for a natural childbirth, and instead everything ended up stressful, unusually painful and full of unknown risks (you can read the details in this post). After such a stressful time, our son’s baptism day was such a beautiful day. E was baptized in the same church where we were married, and where his daddy was baptized. Baby E is so happy every Sunday when we go to mass, and he was particularly happy at his baptism! I have never seen anything like it…he had a big, huge smile on his face when our priest poured the Holy Water over his head! We are so grateful to have such a sweet little guy.

We are also grateful to have had the wonderful Faith Cherisse there to photograph E’s baptism! She did an amazing job capturing the sacrament and capturing E’s funny little personality!

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I had intended to take pictures of the baptism reception set up at our house in the morning before we left for the actual baptism. Unfortunately, E was feeling under the weather, and we spent the whole morning dealing with him throwing up repeatedly. I think he may have been fighting off a bug or something since I was up the whole night with him while he was coughing and having trouble breathing. Amazingly, he was in much better spirits once we got to the church! During the baptism reception, I had to spend a lot of time nursing him since his hunger had caught up with him by then. After the party was over, I tried to get some pictures of everything we had set up for the reception. The pine needles had popped some of the balloons, all of the appetizers I made were gone, and things were a little messier than they were earlier in the day. I heard that the appetizers that I made were really good. I will have to make them again so I have a chance to try them myself (and photograph them so I can post the recipes)!

I jokingly told my husband that every party we have for quite some time will have little touches of decor resembling our wedding reception, no matter what the occasion (see our wedding reception posted here). 🙂 In this case, the handkerchief bunting, Grandma’s vintage tablecloths, welcome banner, and vintage mason jars were all remnants from our wedding decor. I also borrowed the concept of potted flowers as centerpieces from our wedding reception decor. My favorite reminder of our wedding was the scent of peonies and stock, my two favorite flowers. I used these two flowers in my wedding bouquets (two bouquets since our ceremony and reception were on two separate days) because I absolutely love the way that they smell. I made an arrangement on our dining table for the baptism reception with these two flowers, and it filled the house with a lovely scent that reminded us of our wedding day(s). 🙂

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Water, blueberry herbal tea & regular iced tea.
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I previously posted a how-to for these DIY chalkboard label mason jars here.
Peonies and stock arrangement.
Favor bag.
A gorgeous arrangement from a friend of ours. 🙂

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