Starting to Get Back to Normal

Things were crazy ever since I got sick a couple of weeks ago. I am feeling much better, but had been discouraged from blogging while I recovered. I got frustrated by some of the comments from strangers on other posts, and it made me feel much less motivated to blog about anything. One frustrating thing was that there have been a lot of people complaining about my lemonade recipe that it is too time consuming to make. Yes, it takes a decent investment of time to make the syrup with very little sugar. However, you do not have to stand over the stove the entire two hours. If you don’t like the idea of taking that much time to make something, feel free to have some store-bought lemonade, or make your own with either tons of sugar or artificial sweeteners. I am just trying to share what I have found to work for us. When I was really down and upset, all the negative, nit-picky comments seriously made me consider deleting the entire blog. After a bit of internal debating, I thought better of that idea.

Anyway, I never got any definitive answers about what exactly I was sick with. It was most likely some kind of viral meningitis, possibly caused by a mosquito bite. The whole ordeal was insanely difficult. My temperature kept going back and forth between two extremes from 95.9 to 102 degrees F. Just when I thought I was getting better, my temperature would either drop really low or spike back up high again. The headache was so intense that I had trouble speaking and communicating verbally. My back still hurts really bad where the doctor did the lumbar puncture, right in the area where my spine is full of arthritis from previous fractures. It still hurts really bad, but nowhere near as bad as it hurt even a week ago.

The worst part of the whole illness was the fact that I was not able to hold our baby. I was advised by multiple doctors not to hold him, which meant pumped breastmilk only. He was definitely not used to having his milk in a bottle, and it was really upsetting him. He would scream and cry for hours, from being sad and upset and also from the extra gas bubbles the bottles were giving him. When I would walk past him, he would cry and reach his arms out for me. I had to keep going in the other room and hide my crying so I didn’t upset him even more.

My husband was amazing during the whole ordeal. He was incredibly patient, despite having a baby screaming in his ears all day long. He even played along with some of my crazy preferences, like hanging out the cloth diapers to dry on the clothesline (even though that meant a lot of extra work for him).

Toward the end of my illness, I woke up one morning with a horrible blocked milk duct. I had been trying to make sure that I got all of the milk out while pumping, but apparently that had not been the case. So in addition to an unbearable headache, I also had excruciating pain from the blocked duct. I tried everything I could to get it unblocked, and nothing worked. On the second day with the blocked duct, I gave up and started nursing again. That helped within a few hours.

Now things are starting to settle back into our normal routine, and little E is so happy to have me holding him again. He is extra cute lately when he is playing with his play mat, as seen below. He recently discovered that he can hold onto the ring below one of the birds, and he has been going wild playing with them ever since he made that discovery. 🙂 He is also turning out to be quite a little chatterbox with all kinds of adorable baby sounds nonstop!

Being that sick so soon after being laid up for so long has really motivated me to start to get my life back on track in terms of goals. I have been dying to get our photography business back up and running again, and I have been working around the clock lately to get ready to do that. I started planning some upcoming sessions, redesigned our logo and website, freshened up the portfolio, started submitting some sessions to blogs for publication, have been reading a lot and watching tons of educational videos to help me bring my photography to a whole new level, and I have been working on tons of new informational packets and plans for the business. I am really excited about it, and really looking forward to the next few months as I re-launch the business. I am so excited that just a couple of days after starting to submit sessions to blogs, I already have two selected for publication! Be sure to check out the updated website here!

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