Hello There!

So…I haven’t done a post over here in Wonderland for a while. I have been quite busy chasing after this little guy now that he is getting around and very busy working on my photography business, A+C Photography. To be honest, I got completely discouraged about posting on this blog for a while after some negative feedback from some quite rude strangers and former acquaintances. I never claim to be perfect. No one here on earth is perfect. I make mistakes like anyone else. Apparently, I made a big one (according to some people who like to throw stones) when I made a typo on one of my free Christian printable artwork files that I provided as a resource here on the blog. I corrected the typo as soon as it was brought to my attention (who wouldn’t make a typo when they are tired, pregnant, in constant extreme pain, and laid up on bed rest for 11 whole months?). However, I cannot correct the original image with the typo that circulated around the internet via Pinterest. I actually got hate mail because of the whole thing which was so absurd to me. As far as I know, there has only ever been one perfect human being in the world, and that sure is not me! If you hate my artwork, don’t print it! It’s free! Easy solution!

I also got discouraged by a former acquaintance of mine who sent some more hate mail because apparently she thought that by me publicly sharing the story of some of the trials we have gone through in the past couple of years, somehow that is me “always complaining” about being a mother. What?!? Our journey has been difficult, full of strange and unusual challenges, but becoming a mother is the single most important accomplishment of my life. I went through hell and back to become a mother and I appreciate the gift of motherhood probably more than most. Being a mother to this wonderful little boy means the world to me. I often have to pinch myself to hold back so I don’t feel like I am constantly bragging! I love this guy and he brings me incredible joy!

So, when I got the email that my domain for this blog is up for renewal in the next week, I considered canceling this blog and just forgetting about it, but then I thought better of that. I really don’t care if not everyone likes me. I don’t care if some people don’t like reading my blog or the things I choose to post about. This is my own personal corner of the world, and that is exactly what it is intended to be. If you don’t like my posts or the content I share, don’t follow it…as simple as that. I am going to continue posting because I like documenting certain aspects of our life, like all of the crazy home makeover projects we have been working on. I also love posting photos like the one below, that are snippets from our everyday life, and probably wouldn’t ever make it onto my photography portfolio since they are a little more casual than my regular photography style.


I brought E to a sensory playdate a few months ago, and his favorite thing in the world was a bucket of cornstarch. Since then, he gets so excited every time I let him play with a little bucket of cornstarch at home. My husband hates it when I let him do this since it makes such a mess. 🙂 The mess has gotten much easier to deal with though since he got me a vacuum robot for Christmas! The photo above was so funny…E finished playing with his cornstarch, and wanted to see what his daddy was working on outside in the patio. He is growing up so fast! He is not quite walking yet, but I can tell we are getting close.

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