Hello, Spring!

Spring seems to have arrived early at our house this year! Even though we are in Los Angeles, which allegedly has no seasons, we still get a good feel for the seasons here by watching our plants and fruit trees change throughout the year. When we first bought this house almost two years ago, it seemed like everything came out of winter hibernation around April or May.  Last year, everything started growing just when we got home from the hospital, after E was born (that was early April). We were pretty surprised to see blossoms on one of our cherry trees already in February! The weather has been so warm that I feel like all of the plants are a bit confused.


My winter potted plants by our front door have a lot of ornamental kale, which we absolutely love. Unfortunately, it looks like they will be bolting and going to seed soon. 😦


One of my favorite winter flowers, my pink breath of heaven bushes are in full bloom for now.BY0A1568

Below: more of my winter potted arrangements by our front door and the first blossoms ever on our baby almond tree!


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