Weekly Dose of E – An Early Birthday Present

Things have been crazy around here the past week and I am behind on everything right now. I usually like to do this weekly post on Saturdays, but I am trying to play catch up today, so I apologize that there will probably end up being two of these posts this week. 🙂

The current garden makeover project is taking longer than we expected since it took us longer to find a lot of the things that we were planning to buy. The three of us took most of last week off, driving all over Southern California, collecting our various treasures for the yard makeover. I found an amazing vintage rocking horse style duck at an antique store that E loved (and will make an amazing photoshoot prop too). A couple of months ago, E and I saw a vintage kids fire truck in the window of a barber shop, and being slightly obsessed with cars, E was pointing at it and wanted it. I told him I would find him one for his birthday, but then I realized that they are actually pretty hard to find. One of my amazing friends happened to stumble upon one on Craigslist that was for sale in our area and sent me the link (not even knowing that I was looking for this specifically!). E was SO excited to try it out when we got home! He made some of the funniest faces I’ve ever seen from this little guy yet. 🙂 I can’t wait to do a formal photoshoot for this little guy with our new treasure. 🙂

BY0A0059 BY0A0071 BY0A0076

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