Weekly Dose of E

This little guy is really starting to enjoy helping me in the garden! I can’t wait until our raised beds are full of veggies again, especially since he has really been enjoying eating almost any vegetable I give him. 🙂 Today I even got a high five for split pea soup. It happened to be one of the rare soups I gave him that wasn’t homemade, but I will take what I can get!

aliciainwonderlandblog.com aliciainwonderlandblog.com aliciainwonderlandblog.com

Also pretty exciting in the past week…he is finally clapping! I’ve been trying to get this guy to clap for months and every time I tried, he just shook his head NO at me. Then one night, my husband and I were watching Nashville while E was eating. He wasn’t paying any attention to the show until a song from last season came on. It happened to be the same song he would dance in my belly to every time it came on. All of a sudden, he finally started clapping. Now, he has been clapping for anything he really likes, particularly a few of his favorite songs. 🙂

I seriously cannot believe this little guy is going to be one in just a couple of days…I want him to stay my baby forever!

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