Free Mulch for Los Angeles Residents!




City of Los Angeles residents, did you know that we are actually required by law to mulch our garden beds? I doubt it is a law that is often enforced, but mulching is so important. It cuts down on weed growth and conserves water which is so important here (even more so during a drought). I have to admit, I have not been so great about applying mulch in all of our flower beds all the time since buying mulch by the bag is a hassle and gets expensive pretty fast. Plus, natural mulch eventually breaks down, so it is a repeat expense that gets frustrating at times. I have found the perfect solution, and I am so excited that the city offers this program!

The department of sanitation in the city of Los Angeles actually offers free mulch for residents all the time! You are free to load up as much as you need. You can find more info here:

At the location closest to us, they even have community garden plots available for $50 per year. Definitely a great option for those who would love to garden but don’t have the space at home!



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