E’s First Birthday Party!

I took tons of pictures at E’s first birthday party, and finally finished uploading them! 🙂

I wanted to keep the party simple and stress-free. We had enough stress and work just getting the garden ready, so I didn’t bother with lots of Pinterest type party details (doesn’t anyone else miss when kids birthday parties were simple and fun?!?). The night before the party, we were frantically trying to plant the remaining flowers, and then it started raining for the first time in months. We kept on planting until it started pouring, like a flash flood in Texas. We were so discouraged since we had worked so hard. Our patio is not level, and does not drain well, so every time it rains, the patio gets flooded. Around 11 pm, we gave up and sent everyone a message that we were going to have to reschedule because the patio was too flooded.

The next morning, we got up early and realized that the strong winds had thankfully blown most of the water downhill, out of the patio! My husband got out the shopvac and sucked out the remaining water in the patio. The party was back on, and it was thankfully a beautiful day! I didn’t get any pictures of the food but my husband grabbed simple stuff at the grocery store: hot dogs to grill, chili in the crock pot, veggies and fruit, E’s favorite veggie stick chips from Trader Joe’s, etc.

The house was a disaster from our garden project taking over our lives, and I didn’t want to be stressed out about our one cat trying to run away, our other cat having anxiety over strangers, or one of our dogs trying to bite anyone (she hates all men except my husband). So, I set up arrows directing everyone to the backyard. The guest bath in my office is accessible from E’s garden, so that worked out well. 🙂

01aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 02aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty

I set up the favor buckets in an old wheelbarrow, with each family’s last name listed.

I ordered cute garden themed favors from Oriental Trading, and kept trying to think of a cute container to put everything in. Then I realized I had something perfect already on hand and plenty available…nursery plant containers. 🙂

E picked out his favorite type of succulent for each guest.
These wooden signs were originally from our wedding and came in handy again.
E’s “push zone” in the patio….He loves to push around his cars and wagons.

His train table, also in the patio. That ugly red door is part of the paint job from the elderly patients that lived here previously. We haven’t bothered to paint over it since it is going to be removed soon. 😉
The setup before everyone arrived.
E’s garden, ready for visitors.
10aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 11aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty
Ever since he was born, we started calling him our little honey bee. Partially because he really loved the smell of his Burt’s Bees lotions and soaps (and always tries to eat them). Also, our garden was completely dead while I was on pregnancy bed rest. As soon as E and I came home from the hospital, things started coming back to life on their own…it was like he was our little pollinating honey bee. 🙂
12aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 13aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty
Since it will be a while before the climbing roses and baby trees actually create any shade, I tried to make some additional impromptu shaded areas.
14aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 15aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 16aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty
Sharing a snack with Lily. 🙂
18aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 19aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 20aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 21aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 22aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 23aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 24aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 25aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 26aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty

He was just starting to get good at walking and was quite proud of himself. 🙂
27aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 28aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 29aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 30aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 31aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 32aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 33aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 34aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 35aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty
The bounce house/ball pit was tons of fun. E loves having friends over to play in it with him! So much better than playing in there with Mommy. 😉
36aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 37aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 38aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 39aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty


Overall twins!

67aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 68aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty

The straws were a cute Target find. The (caffeine free) soda was a rare treat for E. 🙂
69aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 70aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 71aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 72aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 73aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 74aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty65aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty66aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty
E and I are crazy about edible flowers, especially nasturtiums. 🙂 I found these adorable silicone cupcake holders on sale at Target that look just like a flower pot!
46aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 47aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 48aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 49aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 50aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 51aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 52aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 53aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 54aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 55aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 56aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 57aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 58aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 59aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 60aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 62aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 63aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty 64aliciainwonderlandblog_edisonsparty

Last but not least, how cute is this adorable package from our little friend Yuki?! 🙂

Thanks again too all of our friends and family who came and celebrated with us, despite the crazy flood drama, and all of the rescheduling (we originally had to push the date back because of the garden project)! We had so much fun with you all. 🙂

For anyone interested in their own bounce house/ball pit, you can find the one we have here!

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