Catching Up

Occasionally, I make a list of goals for myself with social media. My current list includes:
1. Catch up on all of the blog posts I got behind with when I was really busy with planting in our garden remodels.
2. Resume my weekly family life posts.
3. Start using hashtags better on Instagram.

I have been taking photos of E with the big camera, meaning to post them on the blog, but have gotten very behind. So I am going to have a few extra on the blog for a bit as well until I get caught up. 😉 With everything that we have gone through in the past few months, it really makes me want to soak up every possible minute with this little guy. I am so appreciative that despite everything we have been through, we still get to be parents to this amazing little boy. So no one will get too annoyed that the blog is temporarily going to turn into the E show for a few days. 🙂

One morning, I was working in the garden while E was sleeping. Normally, that is my time to myself before he wakes up. This particular morning, there was no marine layer, and the morning light was unusually beautiful. I had to wake him up and put him in a cute outfit so I could get a few pictures. He is definitely not a morning person.
aliciainwonderlandblog1 aliciainwonderlandblog2 aliciainwonderlandblog3

After this point, he realized I was trying to get photos of him, and he got into a better mood. The kid is a big ham.
aliciainwonderlandblog4 aliciainwonderlandblog5 aliciainwonderlandblog6 aliciainwonderlandblog7 aliciainwonderlandblog8 aliciainwonderlandblog9

Lots more photos coming soon!

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