Weekend Trip to the Mountains!

Recently, we were invited by some of our friends to go to their cabin in the mountains in Big Bear, CA for the weekend. We brought E up there once before when he was 10 months old, but it was just a short day trip (photo from that trip here). Now that he is walking, we had so much more fun! He got to go on his first couple of hikes in the forest, and we collected wildflowers. We stumbled upon a whole bunch of really interesting things in that section of the forest, so we brought him out early one morning for a “formal” photo shoot (those photos will be coming soon to the photography blog). In the meantime, here are some of the more “casual” photos from the weekend.

Exploring with Daddy. 🙂
BY0A4279 BY0A4283
I think he was trying to convince me to let him hold my big camera. Not completely sure.
BY0A4359 BY0A4360
E and his little best buddy, having lots of fun play time. 🙂

We all went to the zoo while we were there. Unfortunately, we went during nap time for most of the animals but there was still plenty to see.BY0A4383 BY0A4384 BY0A4387 BY0A4395
He may look grumpy but that is his serious, interested face. 🙂 It was also very hot.
BY0A4397 BY0A4403
Poor three-legged bear!
BY0A4408 BY0A4409
Adorable little baby smiles!
BY0A4414 BY0A4418
Such a gorgeous view! The trip had us itching to pack up and move out to the country. 😉
BY0A4421 BY0A4427

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