Welcome to wonderland!  I am Alicia Fraser Stanley, and this is my personal corner of the internet. I write about all of the things that I love most, which include motherhood and family life (which for my husband and I, this includes our two sons and our three pets), our constant list of home improvement projects on our little fixer upper house, gardening (I developed a love of gardening at the age of 2), cooking, baking, and more. My husband and I have had a lot of struggles with growing our little family, so there are quite a number of posts on our battle with infertility and difficult postpartum issues over on my other personal blog, Building Our Little Family.

We live in Los Angeles but wish we lived out in the country. We love the outdoors and found the biggest bit of land that we could afford in the city (our little quarter acre is comparatively huge where we live). My husband and I have a shared passion for photography, hiking, snowboarding, biking, hot tea, good coffee, digging through vintage stores and flea markets, wandering through gardens, and about a million other things. One of the happiest days of my life was Easter 2011, when my husband was baptized Catholic, not long after our wedding.

My career path in life has been an interesting and winding journey. I started out studying engineering, and realized that I was happiest when I was doing something artistic and creative. I left engineering to go to fashion school. After a while, I realized that I was tired of working in the fashion industry for a number of reasons. I wanted to go back to doing what initially inspired me with photography…photographing babies. That is when my husband and I decided to start our own photography business. You can find my photography work at AliciaInWonderlandPhotography.com.

I actually started this blog as a way to teach my husband more about photography while documenting all of my fun creative outfits. The blog has definitely moved away from just focusing on fashion (as our lives have changed and evolved, mostly with  becoming homeowners and parents). I still love the creative aspect of fashion, and I definitely do not follow trends, but follow my own unique style.  I try to occasionally post “What I Wore” features.  I don’t sew my own clothes like I used to now that I have two little boys but I still have a love for the creative aspect of fashion!

I hope you enjoy visiting my little corner of the world!

Some of the links I provide in some of my posts are affiliate links. They may direct you to products I have personally chosen as my own recommendations. If you purchase one of these products through the affiliate links, I may receive compensation in the form of a store credit or small commission. This has no impact on the price you pay or the products I recommend. They are all items that we use personally and love (if there are any sponsored posts, those are labeled as such). Purchasing the products through the links in this blog helps keep this website up.

With the recommendations and advice given on this blog, every effort has been taken to provide the best possible information. I am not a licensed medical professional, dietician, herbalist, or certified landscape designer. My recommendations have not been evaluated by the FDA. I am a mom on a lifelong quest to grow wonderful things in my garden, and create a healthy lifestyle for my family. Some of the things that I write about are new to us, and others I have been practicing for years (such as with gardening recommendations). We will not compensate you in any way if you are not happy with the recommendations posted on this blog and will not be held liable for any loss/damage/inconvenience/illness while making use of information from this blog. If you have any questions or concerns, always seek the advice of your family physician/veterinarian/local garden center.

Sad that bloggers have to type all of that out these days, but in today’s highly litigious society, you can’t be too careful!

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