Our Backyard Before We Moved In

Here are a few pictures of our backyard just before we moved in.  The yard in general was pretty underwhelming, so I didn’t take many pictures.  Just a lot of overgrown weeds, dying bushes and other plants, and a lawn pretty much overtaken with weeds.

The dead and dying plants and all of the weeds in the planting beds have since been removed, along with the big bushes (they were a horrible hiding spot for the local wasps) and the small palm bushes.  They were so low to the ground with very sharp edges, and while I was pulling weeds around them one day, I got pricked in the temple pretty badly, so we removed those as well.  I don’t want anything sharp or dangerous in our garden where one of us, our pets, or guests with small children, etc. could get injured, so the sharp palm bushes and a big overgrown cactus had to say goodbye.

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Current pictures of my edible garden are coming up next!