We Are Currently Experiencing Technical Difficulties….


The past week has been pretty frustrating. It started with an incredibly disappointing loss of photos on one of my memory cards. The weekend before this past one, we had a pretty mellow weekend, running errands on Saturday and relaxing at home before we went to evening mass on Sunday. Nothing too exciting, but we did get some cute pictures of our outfits and some amazing food that I cooked up. Last week when I went to offload the pictures off my memory card, they disappeared as soon as I put the memory card into the laptop. I did everything I could think of, including running recovery software, and nothing worked. Those pictures are gone forever. I was so sad because E had been making some particularly cute faces in some of them! I usually reformat my memory cards periodically to prevent this type of thing from happening, but I guess since I had not done that since E has been born, the cards were overdue. Very sad and disappointing.

This past weekend, my husband had the fun task of working on our main bathroom, which suddenly had developed a bunch of problems within the past week. The toilet stopped flushing regularly, the sink was leaking from the pipe (and therefore starting to rot the vanity and cause mold to grow), the sink was also draining very slowly, and the shower backed up and stopped draining. By Sunday morning, he still hadn’t gotten the shower to drain yet, so I took a shower in our guest bath. After I finished, I went into the front yard to turn on the sprinklers while I got ready to go to church, and noticed that there was water pouring out of the side of the house where the guest bathroom is located.

We initially thought there must be a clog in the main line, but it turns out that they were all separate problems, totally non-related. The timing was crazy! My husband was able to get the leak in the drain in the guest bathroom shower repaired, and after a lot of work, he got our main shower draining again. The toilet and the sink still need work, so it looks like that is how we will be spending our upcoming holiday weekend. We were originally planning to leave that bathroom alone until after we are finished with the whole having babies thing since it is handicapped friendly, and it came in very handy during my pregnancy and postpartum recovery period. We have a few things planned for it that we will do in stages, hopefully getting the most urgent things completed this coming weekend!

So, there may be a shortage of outfit posts for a little bit, since we don’t look the most photogenic while we are running around stressed out and trying to help with an unpleasant project. 🙂 Hopefully once the main bathroom is functional again, we can finish up some of the smaller projects that have been put off for a long time, like finishing the trim work in the guest bathroom and the kitchen!

Our New Home – The Before Pictures

I hadn’t had a chance yet to upload all of the true before pictures of the house before we moved in.  Here are pictures of what the house looked like before it was ours. 🙂  The bedrooms were actually numbered by the previous owners, and there were numbers on all of the doors.  It’s kind of silly, but we have stuck with the numbering system since it makes it easy to tell each other where to look for certain boxes (i.e. the hammer is in a box in either room 1 or room 5). The house was previously used as an elderly care center, so there was a lot of things done to the house to make it elderly and handicapped friendly.

Our plan for each room:
Room #1 – My husband’s home office/man cave.  He doesn’t usually work from home, but he brings enough work home with him to need his own office space.

Room #2 – As you can see from the pictures, the house has very small closets that in most of the rooms aren’t even really closets but just cabinets.  This room will be converted to a walk-in closet with the front part reserved for a walk-in pantry. 🙂  I can’t wait.

Room #3 – This is the largest of the bedrooms, and the one we actually use as our bedroom. 🙂

Room #4 – This was obviously used as an office previously, and it makes the perfect spot for my office/art studio.  I had my husband rip out that built-in desk to make room for mine.  I love all of the storage this room has for all my art/craft/camera supplies and small photo props!

Room #5 – This will be my photo studio!  What you can’t tell from the pictures is that there is a strange piece of the room missing.  The wall behind the closet actually chops off part of the room, leading to the exterior door.  We have no idea why they did this, but it will be coming down soon.

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