Bathroom #1 Preview

Bathroom #1 Preview

I started redecorating this bathroom a long time ago, but never posted a full set of pictures yet thanks to this disaster.  I painted and decorated, and was just waiting for my husband to put up the chair rail and replace the floor trim.  Since we still are a little worried about the shower leak problems, putting that trim up has been very low on the priority list.  We know that we will have to completely gut this bathroom at some point anyway (there are some very strange areas with the walls), and it is a balancing act of trying to prioritize projects and find a balancing act with my husband’s limited time availability.  For now, all of the big pieces of trim that we have purchased for the kitchen and this bathroom are sitting around, waiting for their chance to come up on the priority list of projects. 🙂

I put some vintage lace as decorative trim on the edges of the built-in shelves, and put in some adhesive cork shelf liner as well.  The two little vintage wicker shelves were awesome thrift store finds that I painted and use to organize my pretty little toiletries.  The towel hook was also a thrift store find, and was a little beat up looking.  I distressed it a little more with the sander so it had a more intentionally distressed look instead of just beat up.  I put some of my own artwork on the walls, along with some estate sale mini portraits, and one of my favorite Anthropologie signs on the outside of the door.

This bathroom is far from being finished, but at least it looks a lot better than it did here!  I will be happy when we at very least get the new trim installed. 🙂




Easy DIY Project: Bathroom Toilet Paper Cozy

I am generally not a big fan of a toilet paper cozy.  I never understood the purpose of my grandma’s crochet toilet paper cozy when I was a kid.  However, as much as I love all of our big pine trees, they make a mess that drives me crazy.  The pine needles get everywhere, including coming through the bathroom vent and into the bathroom.  I keep a spare roll of toilet paper near the toilet, and do not appreciate it getting covered with pieces of pine needles while it sits unused.

I decided to cave in and make a toilet paper cozy to keep the fresh roll nice and clean.  As an added bonus, it will match the tissue box cover that I made a while back from an Amy Butler pattern. 🙂  The cozy was quite simple to make….

1.  I measured the diameter of the rolls that I used, and cut out a circle in that size with an extra quarter inch for seam allowance.  I cut it using my circular rotary cutter, and made sure that the fabric was well ironed prior to cutting.
2.  I calculated the circumference of the circle, and again added in about a quarter inch to each side for seam allowance.  This measurement is for the rectangle that I cut out.  The height of the toilet paper roll (plus extra for seam allowance) made up the other measurement of the rectangle.
3.  Once I had my two fabric pieces cut, I ironed them onto some fusible interfacing for stability, and then trimmed around the excess.

4.  I pinned the rectangle around the edge of the circle, insides facing out.

5.  Next I pinned the seams of the rectangle together, and then along the bottom hemline.
6.  I sewed it all together along the pin lines.

7.  Once I finished sewing all of the seams and the hem, I just turned it right-side out, and put it to work in the bathroom!tumblr_mao3y3aAbu1qh2ttzo4_1280

On a side note…This bathroom is painted, but is waiting for my husband to have a chance to install the chair rail and new base board trim.  We had an issue with the shower leaking, so the trim project got postponed for a while.  Once that is completed, this bathroom makeover will be unveiled!