Join Us for Wine Tasting and Art!


Who wants to join us for an evening of wine tasting and art?! Whole Foods in Venice, CA is hosting a charity event this Saturday, March 1st benefiting their Whole Planet Foundation. There will be wine tasting, petit fours and work by the artist Gildas Coudrais, who designed the labels on the bottles in the photo above. I love the label with the rabbit in particular. To me, it feels like it could be on a postcard that you see in a sleek Hollywood nightclub, or part of a new cover for a modern version of Alice in Wonderland. I am really looking forward to seeing more of Gildas’ work featured at the event.

I am just going to be completely honest and admit that I am not a wine expert. My husband and I are in general more of beer snobs than wine snobs (we went all the way to Germany for Octoberfest but have never gone wine tasting at a vineyard…and there are lots of them just a couple of hours drive from us). However, since I had to cut wheat out of my diet for our baby, we have gotten more interested in learning about wine. I went with a friend to Whole Foods last night (she definitely knows more about wine than I do), and we looked through the various options. Right away, we noticed the section with the bottles grouped together that all had Gildas’ designs. They definitely stand out from the rest.

My husband and I tasted both wines shown above and liked them both! They are a great value at $9.99, and tasted like they would have been a much more expensive option. We are really looking forward to tomorrow night’s event! Be sure to RSVP to if you are interested in attending. You can find more info at:


*This is a sponsored post.