A few months back, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the INSPIRED Workshop in downtown Los Angeles. It was hosted by Emilee Sutherland of Tasteful Tatters and Susannah VanDyke of Lukas & Suzy VanDyke Photography. The workshop was aimed toward creative professionals, looking to find inspiration without being distracted by our internet saturated world.

The workshop had perfect timing for me. I was feeling particularly uninspired after a couple of months of pregnancy bed rest, and I was starting to get pretty down about being pent up in our house all of the time. While I was temporarily off strict bed rest and on modified bed rest, I officially should not have been driving to downtown LA, but I could not pass up the opportunity to attend this workshop! 🙂

The workshop was held in the VanDyke’s amazing studio, which is very cozy with its vintage decor and details. I would have loved to have taken tons of pictures of the studio and the workshop, but since I was not supposed to be lifting my camera at all, I had to settle for just a few pictures that I took while sitting down.

Emilee and Susannah put together these adorable gift bags (seen below) for all of the attendees, to jump start our creative process. If you ever have the opportunity to attend a future INSPIRED Workshop, I highly recommend it! It helped me refresh my perspective on my creative process, and get back to trusting my internal voice for finding inspiration, in craft projects, home decorating projects, future photoshoots, and more. I generally try to stay away from getting sucked into a Pinterest trap when planning a project or photoshoot, but while on bed rest, I was starting to see how people can get fall into the Pinterest quicksand. The workshop gave me the confidence to stop scrolling through various sites looking for inspiration for a very big project that I had been feeling kind of lackluster about…designing the decor for our baby’s nursery! After the workshop, I felt rejuvenated and ready to reboot my creative process, particularly with photoshoots for our own photography business, A+C Photography (once I am medically allowed to resume shooting of course).

Be sure to check out the INSPIRED site here! Tomorrow I will be posting the end result of my creativity reboot…the full tour of our baby’s nursery!

Alicia in Wonderland Blog - Inspired WorkshopAlicia in Wonderland Blog - Inspired Workshop Alicia in Wonderland Blog - Inspired Workshop  Alicia in Wonderland Blog - Inspired Workshop